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The Spring Propagation Fair will be Saturday, March 24, from 11- 5, at Lane Community College in Eugene, OR.

The free event includes a seed swap, scion wood (root stock available for a small fee), and workshops throughout the event.

The folks putting on this year’s Spring Propagation Fair have a snazzy website. It’s chock full of information, including workshop schedule and info on some of the great scion wood that will be available.

Check out the website at

See you there!

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We’ll be leading a seed saving workshop in Eugene this Saturday October 1st, at a super cool community garden plot that was planted as a seed garden.

Nikki Maxwell’s RAFT Garden features endangered Northwest Heirloom crops, including Oregon Giant Pole Beans, Immigrant Bush Dry Beans, Lower Salmon River Squash, Hooker’s Sweet Corn, Marshal Strawberries, and Oregon Delicious Melons. RAFT stands for Renewing America’s Food Traditions, and is an alliance that seeks to preserve, protect, and promote the incredible, regional, food diversity of North America. The vegetables in the RAFT garden are all featured in the Slow Food Ark of Taste which means they are all delicious and are in danger of extinction.

We’ll do some hands on seed saving of each of these crops, and provide samples of some of them for folks to snack on. Did I mention there will be dozens of Oregon Delicious Melons there? In addition to going home with Melon Belly, participants will also have the opportunity to take home seeds of these varieties, Free!

The RAFT garden is located at the east end of the Whittaker Community Garden, near the river bike path at the end of N. Polk in Eugene. Bring your own chair if you want to sit. The event is free and open to the public, and will begin 2pm.

Please spread the word among your gardening friends!

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Institute of Biowisdom in Corvallis


Seed Saving And Seed Stewardship Workshop:

The Path to Locally Adapted Seed and True Food Freedom


May 15, 2011

Instructors: Andrew Still & Sarah Kleeger of the Seed Ambassadors Project , Adaptive Seeds and Open Oak Farm in Brownsville area. Member of Willamette Seed and Grain.



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Hi Everyone,

Spring has sprung, and now it’s time to propagate! (Plants, that is.)

This year’s Spring Propagation fair will be this Sunday, March 27, at Lane Community College in Eugene, from 11 – 5.

Come share and gather seeds, fruit tree scion wood, and other plant propagation materials with your friends and neighbors.

More information is below, including workshop schedule. For more information or to volunteer, please contact

Hope to see you this Seedy Sunday


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7th Annual Winter Cropping Roundtable and Seed Exchange

Where: Food For Lane County Youth Farm in N. Springfield

When:  SATURDAY June 19th, 2010    1.00 – 4.00 p.m.

Who: with Nick Routledge and Andrew Still, Adaptive Seeds,

Workshop is free and no pre-registration is required. Just show up and bring your gardening friends

Advanced winter cropping including a discussion of the specific vegetable and grain crop-types and varieties establishing themselves as proven, local mainstays in the light of tougher winter conditions of late; and our bioregion’s foremost winter seed exchange.

Bring your winter gardening experiences to share and seed to share if you have some.

Directions to the FFLC youth farm:

From Springfield, go north on Pioneer Parkway. At the big roundabout, go west on Hayden Bridge Rd, turn right on Game Farm Rd. At the Baptist church, six blocks down, turn left on Flamingo and go two blocks to the end of the street. You’ll see the Youth Farm on your left.

From Eugene, take Coburg Rd north, then Harlow Rd east, cross I-5, pass Gateway, and turn left on Game Farm Rd (if you hit the big roundabout, you’ve gone one block too far). Six blocks down, at the Baptist church, turn left on Flamingo and go two blocks to the end of the street. You’ll see the Youth Farm on your left.

From I-5 going north: Take Beltline Rd east exit. Continue east on Beltline, cross Gateway. Follow Beltline east until you have passed the large hospital development on your left. Take the next right, which is Cardinal, then go immediately left on Game Farm. At the Baptist church a few blocks up, turn right on Flamingo (the road after Mallard) and go two blocks to the end of the street. You’ll see the Youth Farm on your left.

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For those of you that want all of the delightful details about seed saving, we will be doing it up this Sunday at Sunbow Farm’s Institute of BioWisdom in Corvallis. This workshop really might just contain everything we know about seeds jam packed into five fun-filled hours! Details are below. Please note there is a fee for this class and pre-registration is appreciated (though you may pay at the door).

Hope to see you there!

Sarah and Andrew

SEED SAVING AND SEED STEWARDSHIP: The Path to Locally Adapted Seed and True Food Freedom

May 16 – Instructors: Andrew Still & Sarah Kleeger of the Seed Ambassadors Project and Adaptive Seeds

Workshop focuses:

* -Why Save Seed: A profound act of social and ecological empowerment.
* -History of an Ancient Tradition
* -Seed Sovereignty and Food Freedom in a changing world
* -Willamette Valley as one of the best seed saving regions in the world.
* -Open Pollinated, Heritage/Heirloom, Hybrid and GMO
* -Sources: the importance of choice and diversity
* -Strategies: planning your garden for seed saving
* -Isolation: Crossers and Selfers
* -Population: Inbreeding and Outbreeding
* -Selection: Simple plant breeding for locally adapted seed
* -Harvest, Cleaning and Storage
* -Examples seed stewardship
* -Re-localizing a seed stewardship community

10-3pm, $30 prepay, please register by email and send check to address below, bring lunch.

Sunbow Farm- Certified Organic since 1984
Institute of BioWisdom-Workshops/Consulting
6910 SW Plymouth Dr
Corvallis,Oregon 97333

Back yard seed saving with Slow Food Eugene, April 2010

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The Eugene Permaculture Guild’s big Spring Propagation Fair is coming up the second Saturday in March, the 13th, at Lane Community College. More details will follow on that one, but for those of you that don’t live within driving distance of Eugene, Oregon, here are a few tips for organizing your own Seed Swap. (Thanks to Kim in central Virginia for the e-mail prompting this blog post.)

The folks at Seedy Sunday Brighton have a whole page devoted to hosting a seed swap. Food not Lawns also has a bit about organizing one.

The first thing is to get some friends involved, because it can be a lot of work (organizing, set up, clean up, promotion, etc.). If you don’t know anyone that will help you, post some fliers at garden stores or your local natural foods store, or maybe even the community garden bulletin board if your community is lucky enough to have one.

We have seen a few ways seed swaps can be organized. You have to decide which is best for your group.

Seedy Sunday Brighton has a central table, and when people come in, they give their seeds to the table, then volunteers organize them for redistribution. This way seems overly centralized and impersonal to me, but it works for them, and it may be necessary to do it this way at an event that draws upwards of 1,000 people. They also charge a small entrance fee to cover their expenses and require either a straight across swap of seed for seed or 50 pence for a seed pack, partly because “people don’t value that which is free.” At every other seed swap I have been to, everything is free.

A second way is to set up tables and have people stand near their stuff, so they can explain it to others that might have questions. This is what we do at the smaller fall seed swap.

A third way, which is also good, is to set up tables and have designated areas for different types of plants: flowers, herbs, tomatoes, etc. this is what we do at our large spring seed swap.

Most seed swaps descend into a sort of chaos even with the rough framework, so you could just have some tables and have people toss their seeds wherever they land. Then it’s a real treasure hunt! (more…)

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Hi all,

The Good Earth Home Show is happening this weekend at the Lane County Fair Grounds.

The best thing about the Show is the great lineup of seminars — there’s 40 of them, on everything from Apples to Worms … and maybe even something that starts with a Z.

The second best thing about the Show is that it’s free when you bring a canned food donation for Food for Lane County. Ok, it’s free even without the donation.

Andrew and I will be talking about winter gardening and feeding yourself year-round at noon on Sunday — filling in for Nick, who isn’t feeling well.

Please come by and say hello, and add what you know to the conversation!

Hope to see you there!

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This upcoming weekend is the Eugene Permaculture Guild’s annual Gathering/Conference. Three days of great workshops, with the theme of Meeting Our Needs Closer to Home.

We will be facilitating a conversation on Creating a Local System of Seed Stewardship on Sunday at 11:15.

The full list of workshops and schedule are available here. More details below.

Elka White Seeded Poppy

Elka White Seeded Poppy


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The Seed Ambassadors Project will be giving a Seed Saving workshop this Sunday, August 16 from 1pm – 3pm at the Skinner City Farm in Eugene.

Spinach seed head ready to process

Spinach seed head ready to process


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UPDATE: New winter Gardening Chart as of January 2011

Big Willamette Winter Garden Chart 4


For those that couldn’t make it to the Winter Gardening Workshop in June, here is a link to the ever- evolving Chart for Gardening Autumn through Spring in the Southern Willamette Valley:

brassica love

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Over 35 people turned out for the 6th annual Winter Cropping Workshop at Food for Lane County’s (FFLC) Youth Farm in Springfield.

Nick Routledge talks winter croping

Workshop presenters Ted Purdy, FFLC farmer; Andrew Still of the Seed Ambassadors Project; and Nick Routledge provided a wealth of information about the right conditions for growing good tasting and fresh vegetables—roots and greens—all winter long.

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This Saturday, come learn about growing food through winter in the great refrigerator of the Pacific Northwest.

In this ever-evolving workshop we will discuss many topics from: when to plant, seed varieties for winter hardiness, and much more.

The 6th annual Winter Cropping Workshop, sponsored by the Eugene Permaculture Guild and Food For Lane County, is scheduled for 3.00 p.m. on Saturday June 20 at the Food For Lane County Youth Farm in Springfield.

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