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We have been graciously invited by Jadwiga Lopata and Sir Julian Rose of the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside to attend their winter farmer’s celebration in Stryszow in SW Poland on December 10. Here’s a snapshot of local foods from their last gathering:

And a photo of a recent “Future of small, family farms” demonstration they organized in Krakow:

While they are sharing seed with the ICPPC, Andrew and Sarah (and, now, two accompanying seedgeeks) will be staying at the farm of Helena and Sczepan Master:

and, interestingly:

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Demand for Andrew and Sarah’s presence now appears to be greater than the time we have available to support it. All of a sudden, we are becoming flooded with contacts and referrals and interest.

After a brief stay in Denmark after the event with the Danish Seed Savers on November 25, the team will be headed on to SW Poland for a farmers’ meeting with the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside on December 10. From December 4 to 6, they will be staying with Chistina Henatsch (see quick bio at: and cleaning seed with her. This leaves a very small window of opportunity for A&S – and, now, two American seedgeek travelling companions – to visit with others on their way through Germany and into SW Poland.

We are not sure just now, how to handle this crush. Instead of trying the impossible – travelling to meet everyone who has expressed interest, perhaps seedgeeks can come together for a seed or two. The dialog is unfolding.

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Contact update

A volunteer translator found our website and is now converting our home page into Polish! We are currently working through a Polish intermediary, but are very much hoping to find additional leads in a country enormously rich in highly localized food crops. Please help us if you can.

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