The Institute of Contemporary Ethnobotany and the
Seed Ambassadors Project present:


Sunday, Dec. 5
1:00 – 3:00 pm
(come at noon to help set up!)

The Community Room at the East Blair Housing Coop,
940 W. 4th St, Eugene, Oregon
(Between Adams & Jackson also accessible from W. 4th alley)

Build community by sharing surplus harvest bounty with
your friends and neighbors at this annual event.

Bring your seeds, plants, canned goods, brews,
tinctures, food, instruments, friends, or just
yourself! (piano on site…)

See you there!
Your seedy friends

3 Comments on Nov 27th 2010

3 Responses to “It’s Seed Swap Time Again”

  1. Cyber Hobo says:

    Hooray !
    Thanks for doing this.

  2. J says:

    Hi i am new to organic gardening and am wondering if you can point me to some information/calendars for when to plant, what to plant, what and when to start seeds, when, how, what soil ammending, how and when to prune back fruit trees and shrubs, heirloom seed swaps for someone new who has no seeds to share :).

    I need help getting started. I converted the front lawn this fall/winter. I know enough to buy plants and put them in the ground.

    Eugene Resident

    • Andrew Still says:

      Read Read Read anything and everything. Use your own judgment and try things. Ask someone near bye to show you how they do it in their garden. Impossible questions to answer in general you have asked. good luck. Have fun.

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