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Attention Garden enthusiasts and Seed Savers,

4 important details:

1) Plant and Seed Swap
2) Sat March 20th 2:30-5pm
3) Westminster House (23rd and Monroe, Corvallis, OR)

This Seed Swap is being put on by the HOURS Exchange — Corvallis’ Community Currency group. In addition to the seed swap, they will be hosting a Market Event where people can buy and sell goods using the community currency. So not only do you get to swap some garden goodies to get your garden year started off right, you also get to see the local currency in action (and participate if you wish) in the indoor market.

How to participate:
- Bring your extra cuttings, bulbs, plant starts, etc. (Please label clearly – labels will also be available at the swap)
- Bring extra seeds (saved or what-not). You don’t have to pre-divide into small quantities
- Invite your fellow gardeners to bring their extras and enjoy the bounty (no need to be an HOURS member)
- Bring extra containers/grocery sacks or seed envelopes, as items may not already be divided
- Or just come ready to learn!

This will be held outdoors and organized to facilitate easy trades. We will be bringing will be plenty of seed so don’t worry if you have nothing to contribute. Wannabe gardeners are encouraged to attend.

Just to entice you, I know the following will be coming just from the HOURS organizers: chocolate mint starts, rosemary starts, marionberry starts, broccoli starts, amaranth seed, local barley seed, local wheat seed, etc.

What a great way to spread the wealth around! Any leftovers plants will be given to Lincoln K-8 School Garden, the Environmental Center’s SAGE Garden or to other charity groups.

No Comments Sarah Kleeger on Mar 16th 2010