Here is the 4th edition of our Seed Ambassadors Project Seed Saving Guide.

“A Guide to Seed Saving, Seed Stewardship & Seed Sovereignty”

Seed Saving Zine 4 hand out (3.8 MB PDF) This hanout formated version is your best choice for printing and reading if you do not have one of those fancy zine staplers.

Seed Saving Zine 4 duplex (3.5 MB PDF) This zine formated version is for printing in a duplex printer and folding into a Zine. That is why the pages seem to be in a wierd order. If your printer does not have duplex ability you can print it one page at a time, flipping each page over to print the back side.

Seed Saving Guide 4th edition

If you would rather us send you a copy that we have printed, please send us $4 to cover printing costs and to help support the Seed Ambassadorts Project. You may also order a copy along with your seed order here at this site under the Books category. If you want to order a bunch of copies for a saving workshop you are teaching, contact us and we will send you what you need for what it costs us to print them.

Enjoy your seed saving adventures

4 Comments on Jan 12th 2010

4 Responses to “Seed Saving Zine – 4th Edition”

  1. picaro says:

    hey! just wondering when/if there is one in print format as i would love to get a copy! cheers
    ps. this is wicked!

  2. Dear Folks, I grew up in Portland and now since 1990 have saved seeds in the Olympia, Wa. area. I own Let’s Grow Soil! Lab, Supplies and Training and helped to co-found the South Sound Seed Stewards in 1996 with Dave Mitman. I just discovered the Seed Ambassador website when looking for overwintering OP cauliflower varieties on the internet. I hope to connect with you and turn my clients on to your work. — Nadja

  3. Liz says:

    Well done, this is a great book, and I love that it is ‘open pollinated’ lol – free to distribute :) Keep up the AWESOME work!

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