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For immediate release to the public domain that is…

Hello everyone. There has been a mid season blog break for a bit, but we are very happy now to share this seed saving zine with you. Just in time for the late summer and fall seed saving workshops we (and some of you) will be giving. You will notice that it is the 2nd edition. We are very happy with the improvements over the first, so happy that we are sending it out as a PDF to all of our friends and posting it here on the web for download.

Zines for seed saving are great propaganda tools for the cause. We would love for everyone to make as many copies as they can and distribute them to anyone interested. Maybe we all can prevent a little seed knowledge from eroding. We are in the process of getting it translated into spanish, so keep your eyes out for that edition!

There are two versions of the PDF. the first is ready for reading as is and can also be printed in handout form. The second is formated for zine printing. It seems all mixed up on the PDF but this is intentionally designed. Simply print out the first 11 pages, then place those pages back into the blank paper tray with the blank backs facing up to be printed on. Line them up right side up so you don’t get flipped fronts and backs. Then print the last 11 pages (12-22). You will probably have to then collate them back into the correct order, because they may be reversed. Now all you have to do is fold the stack in half into a zine and staple or sow a binding.

Seed Saving Zine for reading

Seed Saving Zine for printing

(if it doesn’t download after clicking the appropriate link above, right click on the link and “save link as”) we can send printed copies of the zine through the mail for $3-6 each sliding scale. Please send a request and cash in the mail.


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