Demand for Andrew and Sarah’s presence now appears to be greater than the time we have available to support it. All of a sudden, we are becoming flooded with contacts and referrals and interest.

After a brief stay in Denmark after the event with the Danish Seed Savers on November 25, the team will be headed on to SW Poland for a farmers’ meeting with the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside on December 10. From December 4 to 6, they will be staying with Chistina Henatsch (see quick bio at: and cleaning seed with her. This leaves a very small window of opportunity for A&S – and, now, two American seedgeek travelling companions – to visit with others on their way through Germany and into SW Poland.

We are not sure just now, how to handle this crush. Instead of trying the impossible – travelling to meet everyone who has expressed interest, perhaps seedgeeks can come together for a seed or two. The dialog is unfolding.

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