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4 Comments Andrew Still on Oct 30th 2006

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Contact update

A volunteer translator found our website and is now converting our home page into Polish! We are currently working through a Polish intermediary, but are very much hoping to find additional leads in a country enormously rich in highly localized food crops. Please help us if you can.

No Comments Nick Routledge on Oct 26th 2006

So far, things are coming along slowly for us in Germany. Our strong contact in the biodynamic community hasn’t responded to us so far, and we are only just now getting to VEN, the German seed saving crew.

Nick’s poor language skills prompted him, initially to approach

in Austria on the assumption that they were based in Germany – despite not noticing the country delineation on their web addess. Goodness, how he wishes he had paid more attention in school!

Andrew, completely unprompted, appears to be ploughing through Rudolph Steiner just now, so I have a sense he’s preparing to hang with the anthropop crew!

No Comments Nick Routledge on Oct 26th 2006

There is an article I put together on the main site which is a collection of the available information on “napus kale” check it out and tell me what you think. Viva Brassica napus!

All About Russo-Siberian Kale

winter red kale

1 Comment Andrew Still on Oct 23rd 2006

As the first posting and I decided to talk about our first destination. Denmark!
Does anybody have anything to say about Denmark? We are very excited to go there for many reasons. First because we have received a warm welcoming invite from that area of Europe. Other reasons include: It is friendly to English speakers and they have a very healthy seed stewardship scene there to check out.

1 Comment Andrew Still on Oct 23rd 2006